Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quizteam Aguilera

That was the name we used for our quiz team last night. We came last!!! Out of 12 teams. No that's quite embarassing. There were only two of us. Want to see if you would have done better? Here's a couple of the questions - answers at the end.

1) What were the names of Thomas the Tank Engine's carriages?
2)What was the name of the horse that won the Gold Cup last weekend?
3)Which of The Goons narrated the first PG Tips Chimp TV advert?
4)Who was the first cartoon character to appear on the front of playboy?
5)India has just pioneered a grenade using the world's hottest __________ ?

We got one of those right! Only one! There is something great about pub quizzes though. Even if you do come last, everyone enjoys them. Is it because we are all quite competitive? Because we love it when we get the answers right? Or working as a team? Who knows. We'll probably go again next week though. Maybe with some well read and intelligent friends. Any takers?

Answers: 1)Annie and Clarabel 2)Imperial Commander 3)Peter Sellars 4)Marge Simpson 5)Chili

Let me know how you scored!!!!!


  1. Only 1 for me as well (Annie and Clarabel), but that's only because we were playing with the Kids Thomas set yesterday lol.


  2. lol one for me too and that was Peter Sellars.x
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. :0)

  3. Blimey tough quiz I got one right..I do pub quizzes too and our little team of four got the maltesers for coming last eeekk but it's the taking part that counts that's what I say anyw ay haha

  4. I didnt answer any correctly!! :-(