Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quizteam Aguilera

That was the name we used for our quiz team last night. We came last!!! Out of 12 teams. No that's quite embarassing. There were only two of us. Want to see if you would have done better? Here's a couple of the questions - answers at the end.

1) What were the names of Thomas the Tank Engine's carriages?
2)What was the name of the horse that won the Gold Cup last weekend?
3)Which of The Goons narrated the first PG Tips Chimp TV advert?
4)Who was the first cartoon character to appear on the front of playboy?
5)India has just pioneered a grenade using the world's hottest __________ ?

We got one of those right! Only one! There is something great about pub quizzes though. Even if you do come last, everyone enjoys them. Is it because we are all quite competitive? Because we love it when we get the answers right? Or working as a team? Who knows. We'll probably go again next week though. Maybe with some well read and intelligent friends. Any takers?

Answers: 1)Annie and Clarabel 2)Imperial Commander 3)Peter Sellars 4)Marge Simpson 5)Chili

Let me know how you scored!!!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Crafty Dreams

Having a new project is very exciting but can invade your thoughts at all hours of the day. I think I am really going to have to start keeping a notebook by my bed at night. I keep waking up thinking, "Ooo that would look nice with the teal crystals" or other similar design ideas. It's driving me mad and I'm fairly sure my OH thinks I'm finally losing it. However, I love that I have lots of ideas at the minute and am going to make the most of it. We've all had those days when inspiration just won't come so I shouldn't complain.

I have invested in some Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow Mist to try and put paid to my midnight ramblings - will let you know how well it works!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wedding Pockets is here!!

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog! I have recently started my own wedding invitation business. I have been crafting for a while now, but it was when a good friend asked for advice with her wedding invitations that Wedding Pockets was born. She wanted pocketfold invitations and after I had a play with making a few designs for her I was in love with pocketfold invitations! So here we are.

I love the idea of being involved with people's special day. I get very excited about weddings and to help make somebody's day perfect is lovely. I can't wait to get started.