Thursday, 22 April 2010

If you can't find something you like - customise!!!!

I've been struggling to find a bag to match the beautiful dress I bought for a friend's wedding next Saturday. I trawled the shops for hours (with an unhappy boyfriend in tow) but no luck. I had the rest of the outfit - pashmina, fascinator, jewellery, even shoes (I struggled because I need flats at the moment after falling down a set of stairs) but no bag.

So I decided to be crafty and bought a big variety of beads and ribbon from my local craft shop and had a go at customising a plain black bag myself. I've never done anything like this before - I've tried all kinds of papercrafts with my handmade cards and wedding invitations - but never beads or anything. But I will be doing it again! It's brilliant fun shopping for the beads and bits and even more fun putting it together. And you get something completely individual and personal to match perferctly with your outfit.

So here's a pic of my efforts, no laughing - it's my first try! And only I have to love it anyway because it will be me carrying it around. And I do love it.

And even better, I stocked up on some beads to introduce to my new summer range of pocketfold invitations - watch this space!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

New Blog Background

I've found this lovely new blog background courtesy of Simply Chic Blogs. It's actually really easy, great instructions on their web page and lots of lovely blog backgrounds to choose from - give it a try! Found courtesy of fellow crafter and forum member Monkeyloulou - thanks!

Another brave fellow crafter posted a picture of their craft room on our forum this morning. It's nice to see how other people work. (Thanks Curious Cat!) When I was blog browsing the other day I found a blog about Crop, Adhere, Embellish's scrapbooking room. Wow, oh to have a stash like that!!! I'm not sure my workspace will ever be that well stocked or that well organised. Inspiration from chaos.

Saturday mornings are lovely aren't they - the whole weekend stretching out ahead.